Grizzly pairs Knicks Larry Johnson vs. Nets Tiny Archibald with Heineken and MLS on behalf of Intersport for #RivalryWeek

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MLS Heineken Rivalry Week Human Foosball in Herald Square . 5/19/16 Photo by John O'Boyle

Grizzly Sports & Entertainment Marketing worked with friends at Intersport to help execute a unique “Human Foosball” promotion with Major League Soccer and Heineken for #RivalryWeek in New York City on May 19. As part of the promotion, Grizzly booked two celebrity rivals — New York Knicks alum Larry Johnson and Brooklyn Nets Hall of Famer Nate “Tiny” Archibald — to participate in promotional foosball competitions with fans at Herald Square.

Both Johnson and Archibald were interviewed by SLAM Magazine during the event:

“(I had) fun,” said Archibald, winner of the human foosball game against Johnson’s team of Knicks fans . “I don’t know what I did. I had a good cast of guys, and they knew what they were supposed to do.”

Said Johnson: “(Knicks vs. Nets) … It’s always a rivalry, whether one team is better than the other, or both teams are playing like crap. It doesn’t matter, it’ll still be a rivalry because it’s New York.”

Johnson also appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio to discuss his work with Grizzly Sports: